What are the Different Ways to Style a Scarf? 

Scarves are one accessory that is frequently overlooked during the summer months. With so many summer trends circulating, it’s easy to overlook the items already in our closets. Scarves are sometimes overlooked since we assume they only serve a purpose during the colder months. Summer scarves, on the other hand, are a multifunctional item that can be used to boost your ensemble in a variety of ways. It’s also easy on the wallet, as it’s a less expensive option to buy new clothes. 

The summer scarf is a simple item that can be utilized to add a fresh new look to even the most basic clothing. Keep in mind that there is no right or incorrect way to wear a scarf. This piece of fabric can be used as apparel, draped around your neck, or even tied around your head for a unique look. Bandannas, fabric squares and varied prints are all good options for expanding your styling possibilities. Keep it real with classic silk scarves and avoid faux fibres that might irritate you. 

If you’re unsure how to go about it, fear not; we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite varied ways to wear a summer scarf. 

1. As A Hair Accessory 

There are so many different methods to tie your scarf over your head that it might be its own section! To mention a few, a turban, a band over your forehead, a head wrap, or a headband. In the summer, wearing your scarf as a hair accessory keeps you cool while also saving you from a horrible hair day. Consider putting a colorful scarf around your head as a hair tie or a headband. Simply take a small to medium-sized scarf, roll it into a cylinder, wrap it over your head, and tie the knot where it feels most appropriate. 

2. As a Top 

Reworking your scarf to create different top styles appears to be the new Instagram trend. There are countless methods to turn a longer scarf into a halter top, crop top, tube top, and so on. It looks great with high-waisted jeans, sandals, and a simple necklace. This DIY is simple and excellent for a relaxing day out, as well as a bonus if you’re tired of your current clothing! 

3. As The Last Layer 

This is an afterthought or a quick addition, but it creates a visually intriguing vibe anyway. This look is for scarves with fascinating embellishments or texture. It’s the simplest style to wear as a final layer because it doesn’t require any draping or skill. If your clothing is a little bare, a lightweight scarf with a print will add a nice finishing touch. The printed scarf around the neck gives a splash of color.  In the summer, this is a style that will keep you cool and calm. 

4. Around Your Waist 

Wrapping your scarf around your waist to make it look like a belt is a terrific way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. Making a triangle from a square scarf is the key to accomplishing this. Fold it till you get the desired band thickness, then loop it through or knot it around your waist. 

5. A Wrap Around Skirt 

Draping the longer scarves into a skirt is a terrific way to use them. To keep it in place, you’ll need more tools like a safety pin or a decorative brooch. Wearing shorts beneath your scarf if it’s sheer would be a nice idea. Regardless, the end result is a new look! 

6. A Necktie 

Tying a little patterned square scarf around your neck creates a Neck-Tie, also known as a neckerchief. These offer a distinctive addition to your attire when worn. This instantly gives your simple tank top and jeans combination some edge. A summer style that is both relaxed and fashionable!